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Monday, July 6, 2009

Philip Fusco

A year ago I tried to work with Philip Fusco but things in NYC worked against us shooting. It was probably for the best as we both have grown in our skills, his as a model and me, a photographer. Philip and I got to spend three rainy days together in July 2009. While the weather and poor natural light made it difficult to do some of the shoots we wanted, we turned out some amazing images. Philip is an exceptional model and a real professional, always thinking about how he is looking in the camera. He likes to check the images frequently to be sure the camera is seeing what he hopes it is and if it isn't he changes what he is doing until it is perfect. He is full of ideas about the shoot and is willing to do almost anything for a successful collaboration.

We got along famously and are planning our next project before the end of the summer. Be sure to visit Phil's blog so you can see images that other photographers have gotten with him.